Frequently Asked Questions About Fox Thermal Mass Flowmeters

Fox Thermal FAQ

Fox Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeters are used in a wide variety of application across many industries including light and heavy industrial plants, process heating facilities, up/mid/downstream oil & gas, and water/wastewater treatment plants.

Fox Thermal meters measure gas flow rates in mass (Kg/Hr, Lb/Hr) or standardized volumetric units (MSCFD, SCFM) and can measure virtually any gas flow. Many facilities today have one or more combustion processes, such as a boiler, process heater, or flares, in their plants. The adoption of accurate and reliable measurement devices will improve combustion efficiencies, utilities accounting, and regulator reporting.

Fox Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter FAQ

Download the Fox Thermal FAQ cutsheet here.

Flow Thermal offers a great FAQ (frequently asked questions) cut sheet. The document provides answers to questions such as:.

  • In what industries are Fox Thermal flow meters used?
  • What gases are in "Natural Gas"?
  • Do I need to send my flow meter back to the factory to recalibrate if the process gas changes?
  • What types of gases do the meters measure?
  • How do I know which meter is right for me?
  • How accurate are the meters?
  • What conditions can the meter safely operate in?
  • What are the probes constructed of?
  • What is the minimum flow rate that your sensors can measure accurately?
  • Is there an easy way to determine which Fox Thermal flow meter model is right for a specific process or application?
  • What are the advantages of a remote unit?
  • What advantages do Fox Thermal meters offer over competitors?
  • Are the meters portable?
  • Is the sensor robust?
  • Can Fox Thermal meters be used to measure flow of liquids or steam?
  • Can the meter handle pulsations?
  • How often is calibration required?
  • Can we connect it to a SCADA system?
  • Can it help us with reporting emissions to the EPA on a monthly or quarterly basis?
  • What size pipes can your meters measure in?

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