Efficiency Improvement Opportunities for Fuel-Based Process Heating Systems

Fuel-Based Process Heating System Optimization

This booklet gives an overview of the most common performance improvement opportunities for fuel-based process heating systems. The main goals of the performance optimization are reduction of energy losses and increase of energy transferred to the load.

Performance and efficiency improvement opportunities can be grouped into five categories:

  • Heat generation: discusses the equipment and the fuels used to heat a product.
  • Heat containment: describes methods and materials that can reduce energy loss to the surroundings.
  • Heat transfer: discusses methods of improving heat transferred to the load or charge to reduce energy consumption, increase productivity, and improve quality.
  • Waste heat recovery: identifies sources of energy loss that can be recovered for more useful purposes, and addresses ways to capture additional energy.
  • Enabling technologies: addresses common opportunities to reduce energy losses by improving material handling practices, effectively sequencing and scheduling heating tasks, seeking more efficient process control, and improving the performance of auxiliary systems. Enabling technologies include:
    • Advanced sensors and controls
    • Advanced materials—identifying performance and efficiency benefits available from using advanced materials
    • Auxiliary systems—addressing opportunities in process heating support systems.

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