The FIREYE® BurnerPRO™ is a compact, microprocessor-based, primary flame safeguard control system designed to provide the proper burner sequencing, ignition, and continuous flame monitoring for on-off, multi-stage, or modulating burners used in commercial heating and process equipment firing oil and gas fuels. The system is designed for non-permanent operations that require burner recycling at least once every 24 hours. Flame monitoring for the UV version is accomplished by the built-in amplifier and compatible UV scanner. Control functions and timings are factory set via special microcontroller firmware.

Through seven SMART LEDs, the control provides current operating status and lockout information in a safety shutdown event. A complete BurnerPRO system includes the BP110/230, flame scanner, and wiring base.

The BurnerPRO performs a safety self-test on every start. If a flame is detected before the startup or during the purge cycle, the fuel valves will not be energized, and the control locks out. The LEDs and alarm terminal is used to annunciate the presence of a lockout condition.

Download the FIREYE BurnerPRO brochure here.

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